The World of Videos

Music videos, video tapes, review videos… need we say more? We simply can’t keep up with all of them! Evidently, video releases are making their mark on the world. Whether it’s to promote a new music album, or whether you want to whip up a new recipe you’re trying out, videos are indeed working their magic. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common video releases.

Video Cassettes

This type of video release was the best type. Who else still has their Disney collection of video cassettes? We know we do! Something like video cassettes are gold dust. Whilst the DVD and Blu-ray eras brought a whole different ball game to the table, video cassettes were the real meal deal.

When compared to vinyl records, they might not be worth much. If on the other hand someone is selling a full collection of Disney video cassettes, trust us when we say that they’ll be gone before you can say Walt Disney. Whilst they didn’t withstand the test of time, some of these tapes are still deemed as collector’s items.

Music Videos

What’s a world like without music? Let’s hope we never have to face that reality. In this regard, the music industry heavily relies on video releases, to go with the next number 1 album. The album goes hand in hand with the video, to bring out elements that stand out. Take Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia album. It combines various artistic elements, along with creating storylines from all the songs from Dua’s album.

Whilst speaking to Apple Music, Dua Lipa states that she did a bit of time-travelling whilst writing the album. From disco, to 80s power bops and more, this album is simply a banger. So far, three videos have been released for this album and all of this nostalgia has been painted in the best way possible.

Review Videos

Living in such a fast-paced world surrounded by technology has facilitated further use of multiple social platforms. For starters, we’re living in the era of the ‘Influencer’. Love them or hate them, they’re certainly making a bang for their buck by simply uploading video releases on huge platforms like YouTube and Instagram. You can easily find anything from make-up reviews, fashion hauls, travel diaries, as well as something like drama channels and so on.

Additionally, big names in the business are scouting them to represent their companies. In fact, there have been many debates as to why some sport companies insist on choosing influencers and models, rather than choosing an athlete. What does this all mean? Does ‘influencing’ have a shelf-life, or is it here to stay?

That’s just it. Most sales have gone up just because people see someone they know from social media, wearing the next best thing since slice bread. Whilst influencers don’t seem to be going anywhere for the time being, who knows, perhaps another wave of change will come along in the next few years.

Video Games

Who hasn't heard of or played video games at least once in their life? These games are the perfect merge of video and gaming entertainment and have taken the world by storm ever since their creation! There has also been plenty of innovation in the world of video games... we're a long ways away from the rudimentary technology that powered our Nintendo NES and PlayStation 1!

Moreover, there are also some video-game-esque games that you can play that offer you a different experience to video games as you know them. One such game is a roulette simulator, which simulates the results of a roulette wheel. If you want to know the similarities between a roulette simulator and video games, you ought to read our article on the matter.

Video Slots

OK, video slots may be a slightly different category. But similar to video games, video slots take existing physical cards games like poker or blackjack, and reproduce them on a "video platform". The animation, or video, displayed on the screen is interactive and there you have it: a video game version of a card game.

But because there is a lot more to video slots than this, we have dedicated them their own page if you follow the link.

IGTV and Story Videos

Platforms like Instagram have also taking a liking to videos. Whereas a couple of years ago you could only upload a 20 second video, not only are the normal videos longer, but you can also make use of IGTV. Hundreds of users on the platform are availing from it to document their photography journey, travels, reviews, recipes etc. Alternatively, IGTV is also suitable for those who simply enjoy having a chat.

In some ways, this goes hand in hand with something like Instagram stories. Whether people tend to overshare their personal lives or not isn’t the issue here, but clearly, both tools do the job. You can snap videos of an exotic holiday in Bali, not miss an opportunity to show off that you’re dining at a fancy restaurant, or simply film your furry friends doing something silly. 

Live Videos

Live videos have also been useful to broadcast important current affairs and conferences. Thanks to the right tools on social media platforms like Facebook, people can go ‘live’, just by the click of a button. Evidently, such tools have proven to be extremely useful to journalists, bloggers and others.

Additionally, you’ll also find theatres who opt to share a musical performance with those who couldn’t make it through live video releases. In fact, Andrew Lloyd Webber only just agreed to broadcast the 25th anniversary performance of his timeless music The Phantom of the Opera.

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