The Killing: Season 1

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The Killing: Season 1

Golden Globe nominated US crime series based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen. Follows the mystery surrounding the murder of teenager Rosie, and the impact on her family, the police and local politicians.

Set in Seattle, the 13-episode season follows three interconnected story threads - the identity of the murderer consumes the life of homicide detective Sarah (Mireille Enos); connections with local body politics disrupts the mayoral elections; while guilt and grief consume Rosie's parents.

Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Jamie Anne Allman, Brent Sexton, Brendan Sexton III, Billy Campbell, Michelle Forbes, Kristin Lehman

Developed by
Veena Sud ('Cold Case')

Fox Television

Crime, Drama, Mystery, TV Show | USA | Official Website


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Hollywood Reporter

Excellent, absorbing and addictive.

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Los Angeles Times

Visually poetic, normatively compelling and, most important, sustainable for a good long haul.

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New York Times

As bleak and oppressive as any, but it's so well told that it's almost heartening.

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USA Today

What sets The Killing apart are its steady sense of dread, its dense atmospherics--that feeling that rain may at any moment pour from our sets--and its beautifully drawn characters.

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Variety (USA)

There's considerable strength in the performances (Forbes and Sexton are especially good), while delivering a reminder how TV can tease out such a narrative in a way almost no other medium can.

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